Sunday, December 18, 2005


I started to knit up my expensive eyelash yarn, and then stopped as it just wasn't working, far too tight on the needles, and well the effect although soft and luxurious was just a bit too smooth for me.
I cast on again, this time using the eyelash with a dark ruby fine chenille, and its working much better..the whole fabric knits together much better and there is a more random and heavier feel to it..this doesn't really come across in the pictures, but its a vast improvement. As it was expensive I am knitting myself a short but wide scarf, I thought it would look nice worn more like a cravat with my white woollen jacket. I had hoped that there would be enough wool to make it long enough to pull up onto my head, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen.
In the meanwhile I've knitted S a scarf using a cotton acrylic mix which feels lovely to the touch -it doesn't itch at all- and knitted up really beautifully. Its a very plain scarf, double rib, short because he doesnt like really long scarves under his jacket, and a soft and fairly difficult to describe faun grey. I have two balls left over so I think I'll start another scrumble, I loved doing it because it felt so creative even though it was functional.
I now have a large cupboard space for the stash and projects, which is great in one way as they aren't all over the place in carrier bags, but bad in another--out of sight out of mind, and to my shame there are still several unfinished things hanging in there, while I eagerly look forward to the next thing on the agenda..
One thing I am thinking is that I just must make something for Lynds, she has requested a laundry bag which is functional but good to look at - still trying to find the right pattern for that one, and she also loved the scrumble, so the next one is for her...